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Green Card Renewal: Maintain Your Legal Stay in the U.S.

If you already have a Green Card and its expiration date is approaching, it’s time to begin the renewal process to ensure you maintain your status as a permanent resident in the United States. Renewing your Green Card is essential to continue enjoying the benefits and rights that come with permanent residency.

Steps to Renew Your Green Card:

  1. Start Early: It’s important to initiate the renewal process well in advance of your Green Card’s expiration date. It’s recommended to begin approximately six months before the expiration date.
  2. Gather Necessary Documentation: Prepare the required documents for renewal, which may include copies of your current Green Card, passport, proof of residence, and any other documents requested by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  3. Complete the Renewal Form: Fill out Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. Be sure to complete the form accurately and include all requested information.
  4. Pay the Applicable Fees: Pay the renewal fees required by USCIS. Be sure to verify the current fees on the official USCIS website and follow instructions for accepted payment methods.
  5. Submit Your Application by Mail or Online: Once you have completed the form and gathered the necessary documents, submit your application by mail or file your application online through the USCIS website.
  6. Stay Informed About the Process: After submitting your application, stay informed about the status of your case.

Renewing your Green Card is an important step to maintain your status as a permanent resident in the United States. By following these steps and completing the renewal process in a timely manner, you can ensure you continue to enjoy the benefits and rights that come with permanent residency in this country. If you need additional assistance or have questions about the renewal process, don’t hesitate to contact US.