Affidavit of Single Status


 I  NOGUEIRA RAFAEL MOREIRA GOMEZ residing at  CARRERA DE CASSANOVA 113, APT. 3-1 BARCELONA, 08036 personally appeared before the undersigned notary public, and under oath or affirmation make the following statements: I was born on 07/14/1992 at RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL. I am a citizen of Brazil My passport number is YD033745. I am currently single, have never been married (or was divorced/widowed on  NEVER and have never been remarried since).








State of ___________________ 

County of __________________ 

Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me this 17 day of January 2023 by  NOGUEIRA RAFAEL MOREIRA GOMEZ who proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the individual who ___appeared before me OR _X_online notarization. ___ Personally Known or _X_ Produced Identification Type of Identification   ___Passport______

WITNESS my hand and official seal.                                                   

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